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The Quinta Project

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

The Quinta Project is an eco queer experimental space. As a self-described "hybrid" ecovillage, they offer a physical space (the land project) where members can meet, stay, and work in community as well as an online platform connecting members on-site with members around the world.

The base for the project is located within the São Mamede Natural Park in the Portalegre District of Portugal and is home to diverse plant and animal life. Covering 5.5 hectares it is a quiet oasis full of olive and cork oak trees and an abundance of fruit trees and vines. It is organised by self-appointed groups called "pods" who work together to maintain and develop the land and habitations, to perform community engagement and outreach, and to guide the project through political engagement, activism, and the shaping and re-shaping of the living manifesto:

"The Quinta Project aims to cultivate an experiment in creating queer* ecosystems. Through inclusive and shared experiences, we strive not only to go back to Nature but also to go forward with and for Nature. Along this poetic pathway we endeavour to build diverse places and celebrate both the fauna and flora of our environment. We are in continuous fluidity and bewilderment as we encounter the beauty and the fecundity of our place known as Quinta."

The Quinta project hosts a combination of online, hybrid, and live events and gatherings throughout the year including an ongoing queer book club, designated work weeks, vegetarian/vegan potlucks, and more. little seed revolution will be partnering with The Quinta Project to create inclusive events that celebrate our shared reverence for and direct participation in nature.

To learn more and connect click on the links below:

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