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Never underestimate the power of a seed.

Our retreats are not so much an escape from the world but an invitation to directly participate in it with renewed clarity, purpose, and a sense of reverence. Whereas society tends to place focus on productivity, performance, and profit we invite you to commit the subversive act of slowing down, listening deeply, feeling, and seeing the world with new eyes. Our commitment is that you not only enjoy your time with us but that it plants a seed for more meaningful, enduring change for years to come. 



  • Nurture embodied wisdom and innate healing capabilities through movement and manual therapies

  • Promote deliberate engagement with and reverence for nature through experiential ecology, art, folklore, and ritual

  • Foster community cooperation and responsible tourism through affiliation with local, ethical businesses

  • Cultivate heart-centred activism through education, imagination, and inquiry


We are located in the interior of Portugal with access to the Parque Natural da Serra de São Mamede, a protected area near the border of Spain full of walking paths, cycling, abundant nature, and rich history.


Who We Are

Our team is project-based and is comprised of people who are passionate about what they do. This always includes our director, warm hosts, kind and competent teachers and therapists, and stellar chefs. In addition to our core team we collaborate with area affiliates such as farmers, wine makers, and artists and try to include them in events whenever possible. 

To learn more about team members and local affiliates visit our blog

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