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Never underestimate the power of a seed.

As human beings we are inherently, naturally interconnected with our ecology. However, this is something that is often overlooked, dismissed, or even denied leading to separation and suffering. Sometimes our pain for the world can be overwhelming leaving us feeling helpless to create change. A host of fears and spiritual traps along with a multitude of distractions inherent in modern society can hijack our attention keeping us from communion with our inner knowing.


There are many ways that we might experience this disconnection. As we deaden ourselves to our truth we may impede cognitive functioning, empathy, inspiration and creativity. We may feel frequently tired, overwhelmed, lonely, or apathetic.


Reconnecting with life requires a bit of courage and tenderness, a willingness to let the world tickle your heart again. It also can provide immense pleasure, a renewed sense of purpose, vitality, clarity, and joy. 

Through massage, somatic practices, and education we can begin to recover access to our entire self while nurturing clarity, resilience, and connection. It is my intention that the work we do together not only comfort and inspire you in the short term but that it will plant a seed for inquiry, growth, and exchange that will reach far beyond our time together. 

Black and white portrait of Heidi

Heidi Dyer is the creative force behind little seed revolution. As a teacher and artist Heidi has been leading individuals through the process of inquiry, self-discovery, and authentic expression for more than twenty-five years. She holds a MFA in Dance and is a Certified Yoga Therapy Teacher with advanced trainings in Yin and Restorative Yoga. In 2015 she completed an 800hr massage therapist training and was licensed in Oregon before emigrating from the USA to Portugal permanently in 2017. 

She now owns a small farm in the interior of Portugal where she gardens, teaches, practices massage therapy, and creates hand built ceramic sculptures and stoneware. 

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