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Dance will always be my first love and it weaves its way throughout my life and everything that I create and teach. More than a form of entertainment I believe in its capacity to heal and return us to ourselves and each other. I emphasize this through teaching Dance Improvisation, Composition, and Site-Based Performance. 

Dance Improvisation widens our imagination and improves our capacity for listening and choosing from moment to moment. More than spontaneous exploration, we learn tools for shaping what is created in the moment deliberately. The classes and workshops I teach focus on how we engage with others and our environment in pairs or as an ensemble.

Composition builds upon the tools in Improvisation giving more structure and the potential for repetition of the dance.

Site-Based Performance is work created in relationship to a specific site, its background, culture, and unique resources and limitations. 

a man and woman performing in a site-based dance with string sculpture

Experiential Anatomy/Kinesiology

I have been fascinated by bodies in motion my whole life. Initially this led me to dance which in turn led me to the study of Kinesiology and Somatic practices. A former student of mine once joked that I refer to the muscles and bones with the affection most reserve for their children. It's true. I find these studies endlessly fascinating and love to share my passion for them. 

When teaching these courses, whether in individual tutoring, or in group classes I focus on applied learning. This means we not only memorize different bones, muscles, connective tissues and the movement they create but apply that to our own lived experience through somatic exercises. We don't just intellectually understand these structures and functions we sense them and how they impact our entire being. 

black and white image of the model of a pelvis and spine

Art & Ecology

Art and Ecology projects are where my love of nature, art, and heart-centered activism intersect. These projects encourage us to directly participate in the reality of a world that is alive and inseparable from our individual self. It is a celebration and appreciation of what we witness and experience around us through creative articulation.


Some half-day activities that have been popular in the past include:

-"mirror walk" with botanical collection to make cyanotype prints

-hand building clay sculpture

-creating a nature mandala

-little love notes hike

Longer term, more in-depth projects have included:

-land art installation

-multi-media performance of film and movement

-natural pigment making

a woman creating a cyanotype image of botanical gatherings
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