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Slow down, listen, and learn. The commodification of Yoga has generated many different brands and styles of practice making it difficult to know what to expect when attending a class. While the content of my classes varies I prefer a functional approach that:

-celebrates the uniqueness of each practitioner

-values experience over aesthetic (how it feels vs how it “should” look)

-cultivates a more complete and accurate self-image

-provides students with a greater sense of agency and discernment

These guiding principles have led me to slower practices that allow the time and space for this level of proprioception and reflection. My favorite classes are those that start with a bit of playful movement, exploration, and flow then sink deeper into postures held for longer periods of time as in Yin and Restorative Yoga. I strive to engage my students by asking questions, offering feedback, and giving several options to achieve the desired result through different means. I also acknowledge that Yoga works whether I'm there or not and sometimes the best thing I can do as a teacher is to get out of the way. 

Students seated in meditation in a yoga shalt

Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement is a form of spontaneous, self-directed dance therapy involving a mover and a witness. With eyes closed the mover responds to inner “authentic” impulses bringing their inner world forth while the witness acts as the eyes for the mover. The witness observes in a receptive, accepting way reserving direction or judgement while attending to any thoughts, feelings, or sensations that arise from what is seen. We take turns in each role practicing introspection, reflection, empathy, and care for each other. 

Of all the somatic practices that I have used for myself and as a teacher and therapist, this is the one I feel to be the most direct path to reconnection. It is almost immediate, requires no prior experience, no knowledge of certain movements, postures, or terminology, and is profound. It is also a fantastic tool for creative research. 

Black and white image of a woman dancing
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